Wednesday, March 21, 2012



  • Homework: A composition was collected.

  • Speaking: Keeping pets: make a speech. Role play about pets.

  • Listening: A debate about ecology. St.B.p. 71. True-false statements.

  • Grammar: Present perfect simple and continuous. Exercises.

  • Homework: Finish the exercises on the present perfect simple and continuous.

  • Homework: a composition was collected, workbook, section 3D

  • Can/can´t. Exercises of the unit and audio.

  • Listen to the dialogues. Repeat.

  • Writing: write the answers to the questions about the dialogue.

  • Grammar: rules and exercises about can/can´t.

  • Speaking: Role play the dialogue.

  • Phonetics: Pronunciatione.g. I can come to dinner tomorrow, she can´t park ther, can I park here?

  • Vocabulary: Complete the sentences following the signs. e.g. you can´t use your mobile in in concerts.

  • Grammar: Can/can´t. Some exercises with drawings , complete the sentences using can/can´t.

  • Speaking: In your town/city, can you...take photos in museums?, at work, can you send personal emails?, at school, can you use the Internet?

  • Writing: Write a short paragraph using and, or, but and the statements of the previous exercise.

  • Speaking: find somebody who... can swim.

  • Homework: Do the exercises of the pages about can/can´t. Reading: can/can´t