Tuesday, April 17, 2012



  • Homework: exercises on quantifiers. Compositons about reviews were given back marked.

  • Speaking and reading: An article about global warming.Specific vocabulary: greenhouse effect, pollutions, fossil fuels, floods.... Slides to develop the topic speaking. Photo description.

  • Listening : A certificacion listening which was fairly easy. Exercises and script and audio.

  • Writing: an opinion composition. We didn´t have time to finish it ,so next Wednesday we´ll carry on.

  • Homework: Get a speaking about climate change ready.


  • Homework: A composition titled "Description of a friend" and the last exercises of the set about can/can´t.

  • Speaking: Possession :Whose? e.g. whose pencil is it? it´s Carlos´s , whose keys are they? they´re Alba´s. Oral practice with objects in the class.

  • Grammar: Possessive Pronouns: St.b.p. 128. rules and exercises Possessive adjectives and pronouns. Essential Grammar in Use chapters 60, 61.

  • Song: Possession. St.b.p. 47

  • Grammar: Simple past: rules and exercises. Audio . We started dealing with the simple past of the verb to be. A handout with activites. "Now they´re famous singer and actors, but what were they before?. complete with a job. Listen and trepeat.

  • Phonetics: was7were, p.44 of the handout.e.g were they famous?,yes, they were/no, they weren´t.

  • Vocabulary: Prepositions: at,in, on for places.,p, 45 of the handout. eg. at home, in a meeting, on a bus.

  • Listening: p.45 (handout) Were was Mike yesterday?. Listen and complete the sentences.

  • Homework: Review unit 4 . Finish unit 60 (possessive adjectives), The other set of exercises (unit 4 with can/can´t, verb -ing) page 155 section 4D about possessive pronouns, and workbook, section 4D