Wednesday, April 18, 2012



  • Homework: Quantifiers.

  • Writing: Opinion essay.

  • Speaking: Discos and DJs.

  • Listening: DJs. Exercises . Script. Audio.

  • Grammar: Relative clauses. Presentation 1, presentation 2.

  • Homework : An opinion essay about fast food for next Wednesday. Grammar, units 92,93,94,95,96. Reading.

    Many short activities.

  • Homework: Section 4D, workbook section 4D, exercises on possessives.

  • Listening: To be in the past. Handout p.1.James Blunt was a soldier.

  • Speaking: Section 4. speaking .Say sentences in the past.e.g. Morgan Freeman is an actor, yesterday he was in bed. Where were you yesterday at 6.30?

  • Grammar: to be in the past. Handout, p6. eg. Garibaldi was born in Italy

  • Speaking: Handout ,p7. Where was sylvia in 1998?. She was at school.

  • Listening: New English File elementary. Sp52. Match the names of the American presidents to their surnames. Listen and check. Listen to an American tour guide and complete with numbers and dates.

  • Grammar Bank, St.B.p. 130. Rules and exercises.

  • Phonetics: Sentence stress. St.B.p. He wasn´t the second President.

  • Speaking: Ask your classmate. When where you born?, where was your sister born?

  • Vocabulary: Word formation.

  • Reading and listening: St.B.p.53 Four statues

  • Homework: Handout.p. 3,4,5. Workbook, section 5A