Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is what Montse says about her son:
This is a photo of my son Alvaro.He´s twenty-seven years old . He´s Spanish, from Asturias. He lives in a village near Oviedo and he studies a master at university.
He´s quite tall and slim. He has short brow hair and dark eyes, he has a beard .In the photo he´s wearing a blue navy suit , a white shirt and a blue tie .He´s intelligent, funny and pleasant but sometimes he speaks little.
He likes playing computer games and he loves watching National Geographic channel or films on television. He likes swimmingin the pool and playing tennis with his friends at the weekends.
He´s crazy about animals . He has a German dog and a cat. My son´s girlfriend is Silvia. They often ride their bikes in the mountains when the weather is good.
I like him he´s always there when I need him.

  • Homework: Exercises on relatives and indirect questions. A composition: an opinion essay.
  • Vocabulary: Words with two meanings
  • Voacabulary and speaking: Word building ,pair work. Listen to the sentence your classmate says and  change the words from the box so that the sentence makes sense. eg.
    That´s a                       idea. (wonder) Wonderful.
  • Listening: Song.St.b.p. 75 You´re so vain by Carly Simon. Listen and complete the lyrics.Lyrics and audio.
  • Vocabulary: St.b.p. 81. Prepositions of across, through,along...
  • Listening:St.B.p. 81. Listen to the conversation and tick Caroline´s house on the map. Listen again and write the missing words.
  • Speaking: St.B.p. 81.Asking for and giving directions.Vocabulary and map
  • Unit 6A . Crime and punishment.
  • Speaking:St.b.p. 84. Look at the pictures for a few seconds. close your book ,what can you remember?, are you a good witness?
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 155. Murder, assassination, vandalism, kidnapping.
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 84.What´s the difference between bribery and blackmail?
  • Homework: Some exercises on relative clauses. Unit 5 ,review. there´s an example of opinion composition first and after that the exercises of  unit 5, review St.B.p..83
  • Homework: Handout, pages 9,10, 11.
  • Listening: Song: a perfect day. Lyrics and
  • Section 5c. It changed my life.
  • Grammar:Read the sentences and match them with the pictures.
  • Phonetics: Pronunciation of regular past tenses.
  • Writing and speaking: Tell your classmate what you did yesterday and write some sentences.
  • Grammar Bank: Regular past tenses ,rules and exercises.
  • Vocabulary: change money, drive a car.
  • Reading and speaking: Read the passage I live, I loves, I cried. Underline the past tenses. Decide whether they are regular or irregular.Listen and repeat.
  • Regular verb list, irregular verb list.
  • Homework: Handout pages 14,15. Dates ,pages 16,17. Study the verbs.