Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is what Pedro says about his grandchildren:
This is a photo of my grandchildren, Nel and Leo . They´re 7 and 5 and they´re Spanish. They live  near El Molinón,  it´s the Stadium of Sporting de Gijón C.F. It´s the football club of the town and the Spanish Premiere League is playing there.
My grandchildren like playing football and they want to play in the Sporting in the future. Nel plays with his right leg and Leo plays with his left leg, not with the right one. They´re great footballers.
Nel has short black hair and very dark eyes and Leo has curly fair hair and naughty brown eyes . They´re very good students and they know more English than their grandfather. They´re intelligent and lovely and they love their parents and all their family. They´re great sportsmen:they like playing football, they also like martial arts (karate), skating and riding bikes. They like playing computer games.
They say "Can you go to the children´s playground with us?" I answer "O.K." If I´m repairing something, they want to see me.
They are wonderful children and I love them very much. I´m very happy when they´re at home with me.
  • Homework: Grammar, chapters 92...96.
  • Reading: Put sentences together. attention to linking words.
  • Speaking: Photo descrription. Two students described photos chose at random.
  • Vocabulary: Words with more than one meaning. e.g. match, lie,fit. Sr.B.p. 79
  • Phonetics: Silent letters. eg. listen, climber, island,autumn.St.b.p. 79
  • Grammar: Indirect questions. Grammar, chapter 50 and St.b.p. 80
  • Listening. A listening for certificacion. Exercises with answers and audio. Question number 2 is wrong, the right answer is B.
  • Homework: Exercises on relatives, some exercises on indirect questions, grammar chapter 50
  • Homewrok: Workbook, section 5A,handout pages 3,4,5.
  • 5B. A perfect day?
  • Vocabulary: Revision of daily routines. Answer the questions the teacher asks you.
  • Listening: Listen to Ben and his daughter Linda. Tick the places where she was during the day. complete the dialogue and finally, answer the questions.
  • Grammar: Simple past: hve, go, get, do.Complete the chart.Grammar Bank: rules of the past and exercises.
  • Pronunciation and speaking: Listen to the questions in the chart. what two words are missing? Are they stressed?. Write the sentences and interview your classmate. Write a paragraph with your classmate´s answers.
  • Homework: Handout pages 9,10,11.