Tuesday, December 22, 2015


--> The Isle of Wight is a British island a in the English channel between three and 8 km from the south coast of the english mainland. It is separated from mainland Britain by the Solent . Various regular ferry services operate across the Solent: Southampton to Cowes is 16 km, Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier is s 8 km, Portsmouth Gunwharf to Fishbourne is 11 km. The island's holiday resorts have been popular since Victorian times as a holiday resort. The island is known for its outstanding natural beauty and for its world-famous sailing based at Cowes .
The island has a rich history, including a brief status as a nominally independent kingdom in the 15th century. It was home to the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson , and queen victoria built her much loved summer residence and final home Osborne House . The island's maritime and industrial history encompasses boat building, sail making, the manufacture of flying boats , the world's first hovercraft and the testing and development of Britain's space rockets. It is home to the island of wight Festival , which, in 1970, was one of the largest rock music events ever held. The island has some exceptional wildlife and is also one of the richest fossil locations for dinosaurs in Europe.
With a single Member of Parliament and 132,731 permanent residents according to the 2001 census , it is also the most populated Parliamentary constituency in the United Kingdom

  • 72- a/an/the
  • 73- the 1
  • 74- the 2 (school/the school)
  • 75- the 3 (children/the children)
  • 76- the 4 (the giraffe, the+ adjective)
  • 77- names with and without THE 1
  • 78 - names with and without THE 2