Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was somehow frustrated when I checked yesterday´s attendance to both film and play. Look, you should bear in mind that these activities are aimed at you , in fact it´s a different and a lot more enjoyable way of learning. You should know that it also involves a great deal of organization and work from the teachers in charge of the events. Let´s put it this way : it´s your birthday and hardly anyone comes to your party.How would you feel? Well, next time , be more commited to your EOI .
As far as today´s class was concerned, I collected compositions you had to hand. 4ºC students must remember that although they aren´t compulsory, it´s very good practice for the future . You all know what I mean and you also know that hard work leads to success.
Then, we had an oral activity based on the main issue of unit 2: family relations. I enjoyed it because it has been the first step for future speeches. Those of you who are shy, PLEASE ,
MAKE A SERIOUS EFFORT to play an active role . It´s essential, it´s basically the main goal of learning a foreign language: the development of oral skills.
After that, we started Unit 3 : Money. As the reading was hard, I turned it into a note taking listening exercise . First in pairs and then in groups of four ,so the whole reading was rebuilt. I handed the glossary and we did vocabulary exercises, numbers 2 and 3 on page 25 and the lexis activity about collocations with the verbs:have, make, create and take.
For tomorrow,there´s going to be a listening exercise to be collected and some of you will delight the class with the speeches about families.
This picture is one of a coral reef , in shallow waters . You can see the variety , beauty and colours of corals . Beautiful as they may look, don´t touch them!: first we must protect them and secondly if you happen to touch the Fire coral , you´ll develop an awful rash that may last days. The half black and half white fish in the background are called
Chromis dimidiata . They appear in large shoals, always near coral reefs. It´s about 7cm.long. I find them very cute