Thursday, November 29, 2007


I must apologize for not being able to update this blog last wednesday: I felt sick . It is nothing but a cold ,but I´m not used to being ill,hence that bursting head and crying eyes.
Your homework was checked : statements with vocabulary related to banks and money (a handout you were given on Monday) and workbook ,page 15, numbers 5,6,and 7. Then, some volunteers offered to speak about a topic they had previously chosen and, after that we had an overall review on conditional sentences.To do so, I followed your grammar (pages 126, 127 and 130) and presented it by means of a slide and the overhead projector.
The oral activity (book, page 30, exercise 4) left you speechless when there´s so much to say :what would you do if you were the president of the country?. As not many ideas came up , the topic was left for oral homework next Monday.
We went on to do a listening activity in your books,page 32,about valuable possessions and only had time to do half of it.
Homework for Thursday: workbook, page 17, vocabulary exercises numbers 1,2,3 and 4.
And on Thursday we checked this assignment and carried on with the unfinished listening. Three more students (mainly the 16,00 ,4ªA group) did a very good job with their conversdation topics . I must say that although some of you are really improving , there are some others who have to take it more seriously and work more at home.
The topic of treasured possessions, book, page 32, was dealt with quite enthusiastically because nearly everyone has something of a sentimental value.
Linking words and connertors were seen in the following activity (book, page 33): A day in my very wealthy life. Done in groups, it was fun mainly because of the foolish idea of behaving like a millionaire.
You started to write a story with your partner using more connectors .
For Monday ,do exercises from 1 to 12 in your grammars (pages 127,128 and 129 , conditionals) and finish the story ,so you´ll see different ends for the same plot.
You can see beautiful polyps, that look very much like flowers, but are animals ,not plants. They are open to catch plankton. If you happen to know the kind of polyp of the picture, let me know. I´m an amateur , not a biologist.