Monday, December 10, 2007


I´m awfully sorry I didn´t update the blog in a week. I simply forgot about it with such a long weekend.
Last Wednesday we checked unit 3 glossary and some grammar exercises ,pages 131 and 132 (I wish , if only) and we also saw the expressions of preference (had better, would rather and prefer).
An oral activity You´re the Expert on page 35 and then the reading of page 39 I will Quit. Soon. We dealt with phrasal verbs and did all the activities on pages 40 and 41.
Homewor: Grammar ,exercises 19 to 24 about expressions of preference.
Today we´ve gone through the homework and checked doubts. Then on page 35 A Body Knowledge Quiz was carried out with the answers in a listening. Health and exercise were the topics to cope with sympathy, advice and recommendations on page 36 . We read the Aunt Agony Column and used the structures to give advice to someone out of shape. Another activity called Body Language on page 37, about body idioms with a listening to match definitions with their idioms. Some oral practice about these body idioms ,ej: someone who is up to their eyes in work at the moment, or who is putting their foot in it.
We moved on to a listening exercise about two people who dieted for a special occasion : Sam and Catherine were interviewed about the severe diets they had to undergo.
Homework : Workbook Grammar exercises 1 to 5.
This picture is of a unicornfish. They have a spike that comes out of its forehead, however some have a kind of bulge and others don´t even have the spike.As they belong to the surgeonfish family , they have a couple of spines on either side of the tail used for defense.