Monday, December 03, 2007


We checked the exercises for homework about conditional types (types 1,2,3 and mixed types, in your grammars numbers 1 to 12) , then a couple of speeches very well done in 4ºA . Let me warn 4ºC students about having a more active attitude in oral activities : I must see your progress day after day ; this isn´t a game of cards where you risk everything on one throw.
We moved on to Unit 4 and dealt with illness , diagnosis and cures in six small dialogues where one speaker complains about feeling ill and the other gives him a remedy being sympathetic or unsympathetic , depending on the situation. These expressions were underlined, repeated and the main words stressed ,ej, "It serves you right" where serves and right take the stress for emphasis.
We carried on with a speaking activity about fitness and sports. There are several statements about the topic and you should be able to talk about all of them since they are related.
For Wednesday you have to pick up one and talk about it for a while , with a basic outline. There are also the exercises in your grammar about "I wish and If only" used for regret or for unpleasant situations (numbers 13 to 17 , I think).

Look at this beautiful Chromodoris quadricolour , commonly named sea slug (though there are many other types of slugs) . In spite of belonging to mollusks , it has a soft body without shell. With extraordinay colours and striking forms , nudibranchs (the group chromodoris belongs to) are one of my favourites because you can always see some just by looking thoroughly on the rocks. They breathe through two tiny extremities they have on the back , like little bright horns. As they lost their shell in the course of evolution , they use their colours to remind predators that they are distasteful. When diving in Asturias one hardly ever sees pelagic species (big fish) , however nudibranchs can be seen nearly everywhere.