Saturday, December 01, 2007


On Thursday ,20th December , the EOI is going to have a Christmas party at L´Espumeru, a pub in La Felguera. I can show you a collection of cooking recipes which are clear and easy to follow and besides you can do it on your own or with a friend, if you don´t trust your cooking abilities . All of you will be given a gift for your kind participation and a raffle of several vouchers ,worth 40 euros each ,will be held. I encourage you to play an active role in this activity. It´ll be fun.
You can see a Sohal surgeon fish, Acanthurus sohal, brightly coloured, they are very popular in aquariums. It has a pair of very sharp spines or blades on either side of the tail, hence its name. When I went to the Red Sea , I was told not to bother them because they can be aggressive and tear the divers´neoprene suit. A basic rule: just look , never touch.