Monday, January 21, 2008


Your homework was checked, that is, grammar page 15, exercises 14 and 15, and workbook, page 29 , exercises numbers 1, 3 and 4. As exercise number 2 had to do with wedding vocabulary, we did it orally.

You were allowed some time to get your speeches about weddings ready : going through your notes and rehearsing with your partner, after that ,some of you gave a speech to the whole class. As it´s a rather controversial topic, we devoted time to it.Then I took the opportunity to note down some mistakes on the blackboard and we all corrected them.

We started dealing with formal letters of complaint in your workbook, page 31 exercises 1, 2 and 3 . We went through the layout of these kind of letters, which is special as the register is formal.You were given two handouts with more detailed information .We´ll carry on with this on Wednesday.

Homework: Those of you who still haven´t done your speech, get it ready for Wednesday and also the glossary exercises.

Isn´t this parrot fish lovely? They live on shallow reefs of the Red Sea and other tropical seas.They are brightly coloured in a variety of blue,green, red and yellow. They are called parrots because of their teeth, that look like those of parrots. With their beaks they scrape algae from corals and rocks, by doing this , they prevent algae from chocking corals.With their theeth they grind coral rocks, digest them and excrete as sand creating small islands and contributing to the health of sandy beaches.