Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There weren´t many students in my first class ,but with had a good time as we did activities to unwind a bit. Nevertheless, let me tell you that you are still reluctant to speak whenever I ask you to do with your classmates oral activities.

The grammar exercises 4,5 and 6 on page 9 were reviewed. We went on to do an exercise by writing questions in the present perfect continuous,eg :Who has been wearing my sweater?. Keeping only the word in bold and changing the others.After that , an oral game with cards to guess what the student with the card has been doing. A listening on the same subject , book page 67 Thumb Trouble where students had to answer questions and fill with the correct tense.

Finally on page 63, an activity called Four in a Row to do in groups of three. Students had to say a sentences with a verb/adjective and the right preposition. It was fun.

For homework ,a handout with the tenses dealt with in the class.

This is a family picture of the people I went diving with last summer.Do you know who I am?. Yes, the fourth on the left. Yo keep my balance I´m grabbing a rock because there are sometimes strong currents that can carry you out.