Thursday, May 01, 2008


On Monday ,28th ,we had a reading titled Commercial Breakdown , a thorough analysis of a successful ad about jeans and detailed questions which go beyond the image . A gripping activity, indeed. Then ,most of the students made similar comments on ads given the week before. We went on to review relative clauses in your text book, pages 102 and 103 and grammar ,pages 152,153 and 155. There´s nothing new , so we could go quite fast , as far as theory was concerned. Bear in mind that a basic knowledge of grammar is necessary to allow us to speak in an accurate way. The last activity carried out was a listening in your workbook, page 59: some ads in newspapers and the most common abbreviations found, eg: WLTM : would like to meet, or GSOH:good sense of humour. Homework: grammar, relative sentences numbers 19,20 and 21 and an advert about jeans , original , with a story, music ,setting ansd message. On Wednesday the grammar exercises were checked and we had a whale of a time with the ads, at least I did because I found out you have a powerful, strong imagination able to make up all kinds of situations. Many of you ought to work in advertising agencies, you´d earn a fortune. The following topic was an IMPORTANT one : a book or film review and when I say it´s important , you know what I mean ,for both speaking and writing pruposes. I handed you in some handouts about the topic and made a review step by step focossing on content , expressions and specific vocabulary. Homework for next Monday: grammar ,page 154, exercises 22,23,24 and 25 . I strongly advise you to do some practice on book/films reviews ; so, if you fancy ,I´ll be pleased to read and check any written reviews you give me.

Have a look at this beautiful Acropora or table coral.
Acropora grow as plates or slender or broad branches. Like other corals, Acropora corals are colonies of polyps ,which can hide into the coral if they are disturbed or threatened .They usually extend further at night to capture zooplankton from the water.

These corals have zooxanthellae, algae that live in the corals and produce energy for the animals through photosyntesis.

They are common in reef shallow waters with plenty of light and some water movement. Lots of small fish have their home within this coral.

You really ought to see them sometime. Don´t miss such beautiful creatures.