Monday, September 29, 2008


They are predatory bottom-dwelling fish, using their camouflage to ambush their prey.

Crocodilefish are brown or green and grey, coloured this way to be camouflaged with their habitat. Juveniles begin black.

Crocodilefish live in areas where thesea floor is soft or sandy and their camouflage is most effective, usually associated with reefs or mangroves.

They are carnivorous, and will eat a most fish small enough to fit in their mouth.

Divers who come across a crocodilefish have little to worry about—the fish often remains very quet, even if humans approach them.

Today´s Quotation:
Claude M. Bristol: Determination

"It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles."
That´s what you all need : be constant and determined to pursue your aims in life . The effort is worth and the satisfaction invaluable.

Today´s classes.-
  • Entry test to check the level of the class. I hope it wasn´t very difficult.
- Unit 1A.
  • Introducing yoursefl.We started with greetings and introductions : hi/ hello, nice to meet you.
  • Getting to know each other : complete the questions ,ckeck pronunciation of questions and first, ask the teacher and then ask your classmate.
  • Grammar: how to make questions from scrambled sentence.Page 126, a grammar summary about the topic.
  • Listening: Pick up the right answer a or b. Reviewing dates, days of the week ,months ,the time and ordinal numbers.
  • Homework: Student´s book, page 127, 1A a and c. workbook, page 4 numbers 1,2,3 and 4 a and b (don´t do section c)
  • Multiple choice entry test abut grammar and vocabulary .
  • Unit 1A .-
  • Listening and speaking. A quiz about the title of the unit "What´s in a name?". words such as nickname, maiden name, stage name and pseudonym were seen.
  • An oral activity about the most common names for boys and girls in our country.
  • the listening was about four people taking about their names ant their opinion about them. This activity took longer than expected and the bell rang.No time for the pronunciation exercise.
  • Homework: reading passage of page 5 , also about names. Read the instructions carefully and do exercises a and b.
I want to state very clearly that you must take and active and dynamic role in the class . It´s through practice that you can improve your knowledge of the language.