Sunday, September 28, 2008


For tomorrow a placement testswill be held, just to see the average level of each group. Nothing really serious to worry about too much.
Remind me to ask you for your e-mails to send you the code so that you will be able check your marks throughout the course in this blog. Please, keep it secret it´s only for you and nobody else.
As I grow older my only neuron sometimes stops working, you´ll see it straightaway , so please also remind me to give the under aged a letter with useful information for their parents (it´s also in the previous post).

A second- hand book market will be held in this EOI this week. Click here for more details. It´s in the EOI blog.

Don´t you find this beautiful cave amazing? It´s breath taking, with a bit of adrenaline rush but not dangerous if you are careful,keep an eye on your buddy and follow the instructor´s advice.