Thursday, December 04, 2008


In the middle of this picture you can see a small dog lying in a basket. It´s brown and white and it looks csared. On the left to the dog there´s a lead and a dish, on the right to the dog there´s a large cardboard and there are are some newspapers. Behind the dog there´s a glass with some water and next to the glass there´s a small ball.In the background you can see a white walland in the foreground there´s a big window of a balcony.It was a sunnu day and the picture was in the summer.

Jessica Gutierrez. NB2A

This is my favourite photo and the place is where my grandparents live. I took this photo when I was six years old in the summer og 1997. I was in Veguín with my grandparents , mu brother and my cousin . The sun was shining and we were playing in the garden and we wanted to find a ring that I had lost. Suddenly it started to rain and then a rainbow appeared . I decided to take a photo. I keep it in my album because it´s beautiful. I still remember that day.

Laura Alvarez NB2A

This is one of my favourite photos . It was taken in the summer of 2006 while my friend and me were climbing the Aneto. We were in Benasque for a week and we climbed some mountains there.

It was a sunny day and the view at the top was wonderful. I remember that we didn´t stay tthere much because it was very cold , about five degrees above zero. the climbing was hard and we were walking for twelve hours.We woke up at five o´clock in the morning and arrive at the refuge at five o´clock in the evening . At night we were exhausted and slept for twelve hours.

In the background of the picture , on the right we can see the snowy top of aneto and behind me we can see a waterfall.

Raúl Fernández Loreiro. NB2A


You were given the tests you had done the week before and doubts were solved.

--Homework: grammar, unit 27 about predictions with will/won´t

-- Reading: Section 3C. St.b.p.32 . I´ll Always Love You.A reading titled Promises, Promises.While you were reading it out I was taking notes about words which had been mispronounced. When you finished, we checked them on the blackboard. Please, make sure you won´t do these mistakes again, some of them are very basic and you shouldn´t be making them.

--Vocabulary :about words in the reading

--Pronunciation of two-syllable words. First you did it with your classmate and then we checked it with the CD.

--Grammar: st.b.p.33. Will and shall for promises, offers and decisions made at the moment of speaking. A matching activity , a fill in and in the thir exercise we inferred the basic rules.Grammar Bank on page 130 with the rules and a copule of exercises and grammar ,unit 28 with more detailed information.

--Vocabulary: St.b.p.33. Verb + back. Expressions such as casll back, give it back, take it back and so on. five dialogues to complete with these expressions. tehy were checked with the listening of the dialogues.

--Speaking: St.b.p.117 I´ll/shall I Game in which you had to use these structures to express promises, offers and decisions.

--Song: White Flag with more practice.

--Homework: workbook, p.26 and 27. Grasmmar, unit 28



You were given the tests you had done the week before and doubts were solved.

--Homework: Grammar, units 18 and 61: usually for present habits, used to for past habits and be/get used to doing for something which is not new for you.

--Speaking: St.b.p.30. Addictions : Are you addicted to cleaning the house,playing a sport, gambling... and more questions about the topic.

--Vocabulary: word building.workbook.p.21

--Song: it´s my Party.

--Homework: workbook.p.20 student book.p.30 and 31 ,the reading activity.