Wednesday, December 02, 2009



This is a photo of my last Easter holidays. I went to Huelva with my parents, my aunt, my uncle and my cousin. This photo was taken one of the days we went to visit Gibraltar and my father took the photo.There were a lot of people walking across the long street. In the middle of the photo my mother and me are holding hands. On the left we can see my aunt and a part of my cousin. In the long street we can see many different shops: of clothes, food, and a lot of things. There, we knew a shop assistant who said to us that normally there aren´t many people in the street but on holidays there are many tourists.It was a sunny, warm day. I would like to return because the visit lasted only one day and I think the place is very nice. I would like to stay there for more days.



- Speaking: Picture description with mark for the first term.

- Speaking: St.B. p.28 "Hooked on Caffeine" with some questions to discuss and a quiz. then another pair work speaking activity about caffeine. You had to memorize some information

and tell your parter whether the statments are true or false and why.
- Reading: St.B.p.29 ."Confessions of a Coffe Addict" dealing with the grammar aspects of habits in the present tense (usually) , past tense (used to) and to be/get used to doing. Grammar Bank,pg 132 with the rules and exercises. Two photocopies about the same topic we didn´t have time to finish.
- Homework: Some more students have to describe a photo. Grammar, unit 18 and the exercises
we didn´t finish in class.