Friday, March 05, 2010


I won´t be able to go to class until 15th ,Monday,March, 2010. I´m awfully sorry but I have a few leaks that have to be repaired and their require a little time since the plumber in my case is a doctor. In the meantime here below you have some activities to do .

Hampton House
“Hampton House” was written by Jenny Dooley in 1996. I´ve chosen this book because I like thrillers. This is an intrigue story of a young girl ,Kathy, who starts to work in Helping Hand. In her job she discovers an old woman and an old house, Hampton House which keeps secrets from her past.
The story is divided into two parts. In the first part Kathy knows William, her boss and they become very good friends. She starts to work in Helping Hand and in her first job she goes to The Old People Home and she knows Miss Emily. She´s an old woman who tells Kathy about Hampton House and his owner Lord Hampton. She workedin the house when she was young. Miss Emily tells Kathy her story because remembers it.
The second part is few days after when Kathy has an accident with her bike. Helping Hand needs to find a place for its office because The Council is going to pull this place. Kathy thinks in Hampton House because it is in the town and is uninhabited.
In the final part of the history Kathy, William and other workers visit the house. Only Kathy hears voices and noises and she hears Lord Hampton’s voice who tell she a story about her grandmother and her past. The other workers and William don´t believe Kathy.
Finally Hampton House is pulled down and instead the new Helping Handare office is built, William who loves Kathy is reconciled with her.
The most exciting part if the story is Lord Hampton´s Story that he tells Kathy. He met his grandmother years ago when he was poor. She helped him but he stole her a diamond. Years later Hampton gave him work when he was rich but he never told her what had happened. Lord Hampton gave Kathy the diamond .
The main character is Kathy, other important characters are William, her boss, who loves Kathy. Miss Emily, an old woman who speaks to Kathy about Hampton House and Lord Hampton.
I like the book because the story is interesting, although it´s something predictable. I thought it would be more intriguing. Nevertheless it was not bad.



Jason Causes Chaos is a novel by Jeremy Taylor.

• I ´ve chosen the book because the story seemed very funny and entertaining, but the story is a little short.

• It´s an adventure story.


The main idea of the story is to have fun because there are several jokes and things that make us laugh, like throwing a pot on someone's head.


The history takes place on a Saturday in a house at The Lodge on Waterbridge Road. The place is invented, because the author doesn’t tell us the town where the story takes place.


A girl called Eva is a babysitter. She is 15 years old. She is going out with her friend on a Saturday and she is very happy, but Mrs Day calls her house and she tells her mother that she has to baby-sit that night. Eva goes to the house, and she meets Mr and Mrs Day and Jason Day, a child who is 10 years old. When his parents go out , he begins to behave very badly. He eats chocolate and ice-cream without his parents permission, blackmails Eva to let him do things, throws a rat to Eva’s hair, and many more things. Mrs Day realises that there is a murderer loose. Jason goes to the bathroom while Eva is preparing his bed. But Jason doesn’t go to sleep, he wants to watch TV. When he is watching TV, he hears a noise in the garden. They go upstairs and Eva picks up a flower pot next to the bed, and she throws it to a man, because they think that he is the murderer. But when Eva calls the police, Jason tells her that the man is a policeman. Eva cures him and he tells them that he is warning the people. When he leaves, the doorbell rings. A person that looks like the other policeman says that he wants to call the police station, but Eva and Jason think that he is the murderer, and Eva hits him. They hide him in the cellar of the kitchen. However, the other policeman returns to the home, and he tells them that the police have caught the murderer, and the man in the cellar is his twin brother.

When Jason’s parents come back home, the mother runs into her house and she kisses Jason. Finally Jason tells his parents a lie: Eva’s boyfriend came to our house. They sent me upstairs, but I watched them. First of all, they kissed…


The main character: Jason. He is Mr and Mrs Day´s son

Eva: Jason´s babysitter.

Eva´s mother

Mr and Mrs Day: Jason´s parents.

The twins: they are policemen.

I liked the story, because it was very funny and quite entertaining.

The best part is when Jason throws a rat to the Eva’s hair, because it is very funny.

It has made me feel funny, because when the story seemed complicated, Jason and Eva were doing something to encourage it.

I really enjoyed reading it.

I have learnt many jokes and how we should act against a thief or a murderer.

I think that this book is the best that I have read in English, because the others were very boring and this is very entertaining. I like the story and the topic, and I will read it again.


-Speaking: Get your opinion ready , some of you in favour , the others against . This photocopy will be useful to state your point of view .
- Listening 1: Radio Ads , exercises and script, audio.
- Listening 2: Bibi Kahnim and the Muslim veil , exercises and script , audio.
- Song: "You´re so vain " ,exercise and video by Carly Simon.

-Grammar: Adjectives in -ed/-ing. eg: interested and interesting.
- Reading: Two reading activities and their answers
ROMINA ALONSO ALONSO has sent this song.Good girl. I wish everybody did the same.