Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here you have some information about ABBA.

  • EO: "What´s in a name?" I expected you to do some more, in fact your speeches were too short to say something.
  • Grammar: St.B.p 6. Phrasal verbs. Fill in exercises, separable or not, with literal and non-literal meanings.Grammar Bank. St.B.p.130 where we saw the four different groups of phrasal verbs and did an exercise. St.B.p.144. Phrasal verbs related to topics, this time it was "The family" eg.look like, take after,be named after..
  • CO.: St.B.p7. National Stereotypes.
  • EO: National Stereotypes (Spain)
  • HWK: A speech about Spanish stereotypes, WK,p. 4,5,6.,and a photocopy with drawings and phrasal verbs.
  • EO:Review of "Saying Hello"-eg. how are you?, nice to meet you, this is Dave...
  • Pronunciation: St.B.p5.Fish,tree,cat,boot,train, bike. Stress on words,eg.e-mail, computer, hotel...Classify the words under food, travel, communication.
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 5 Number 1-20. Vocabulary Bank, St.B.p 140. Write the numbers. Dictation number
  • CO: ST.B.p.5. Listen to people. Where are they?: airport, taxi, sandwich bar,hotel. Listen to a couple saying goodbye and number the words, eg: bye, goodbye, see you... The days of the week: Listen to the days of the week , complete the words and repeat.
  • Homework for Tuesday: Workbook pages 4,5 and a photocopy with some exercises with numbers, days of the week and ways of saying hello.