Monday, March 14, 2011


Yésica Silgado

My name´s Yésica and I´m thirty years old. I live in La Felguera, Asturias, in the north of Spain
I have two brothers, their names are alejandro and Aitor, they´re 34 and 32 and they´re painters. They are single but they live with their partners. My brothers like football, going fishing and walking on the mountains very much. They also go to the gym three times a week.

My father took this photo in Gibraltar in 1997 and my brothers are on the left. I didn´t like Gibraltar because it was very dirty, but I love Málaga. It´s beautiful. It was a very hot summer and we went to the beach everyday. My mother is on my left. She likes travelling, sewing and the corating very much. My father took the photo because he doesnñt like to appear in them. he likes drawing and he´s a comic collector. he works in the family shop. I´m on the right. I like reading and listening to music .

Estíbaliz Amaro

This is a picture of me and some members of my family.My name´s estíbaliz and I´m 29. I´m on the right of the photo and I´m wearing a pink jacket.
The man beside me is my brother. his name´s Juan and he´s 35 years old. He´s married and he has a daughter. Next to him is my sister Eva. she´s 34 and she´s married too. she has two children: one daughter and a baby son.
The two girls who are in front are my nieces. their names are Ainhoa and Andrea. Now, they´re 11 and 8 but in this picture they were 6 and 3 years old.
This picture was made on "Palm Sunday" and we were in a park in Langreo.
Here, some other members of my family are missing : my husband, my parents,my brothers-in-law and my little nephew. I have come to realize that I don´t have any picture in which we are all, so I will make it next Christmas!!!


  • Homework: Reading. St.B.p.58
  • 4C. A question of taste. Vocabulary.St.B.p. 60. Oldand new furniture. vocabulary Bank. St.B.p. 153.. quiz. St.b.p.60.
  • Phonetics. St.B.p.60. Weak sound as in over,leather.
  • Listening. guess which room they decorates. Lucy and Charles talk about each other´s rooms. What do they like/dislike?.Listen to the designer´s comments.
  • Grammar. St.B.p. 63. Have something done. explanation with the pictures. Grammar Bank. St.b.p. 136.rules and exercises. Grammar, unit 46. a projection with a street and shops. Say sentences e.g. you can have your eyes tested at the optician´s .
  • Vocabulary: Shops. St.b.p. 64.
  • Listening: explaining what you want. Important to describe an object whose name you don´t know. It´s for making holes in a wall (drill)
  • Speaking: pair work. Define the object so that your partner knows what it is.It´s for covering your head (shower cap)
  • Homework: grammar, unit 46 and write sentences with have sth done.

  • NB1A/B
  • Homework: Exercises about can/can´t.
  • Speaking : I like singing. A slide with drawings, just to speak and another slide to speak and write sentences joined by and and but.
  • Writing: a photocopy to complete with "I hate doing the housework" and similar statements.
  • Speaking: pair work. Ask your partner what he/she likes doing. Find the student who has the most similar taste in your group.
  • Grammar: Object pronouns in a power point. It took a great deal of time and practice to make the concepts clear. A photocopy with statements to complete with an object pronoun.
  • St.B.p. 128. Object pronouns: rules and exercises.
  • Homework : a set of exercises about subject and object pronouns and also possessive adjectives.