Thursday, March 17, 2011


José Luis Arbesú

My name´s José Luis and I´m forty years old.I live in La Felguera, in Spain. I have one brother and one sister .My brother Carlos is thirty-seven,he´s single and he´s retired . My sister Carmen is forty-three years old,she´s separated and she has one son. Edgar is a university student and he wants to be a lawyer.

My father and my mother are retired.

Luisa Peretó

This is a picture of me with my family: my husband and my two children.My husband´s name´s Alberto ,he´s from Asturias and he´s retired. My son´s name´s Eduardo ,he´s twenty-nine years old and he´s an engineer. My daughter´s name´s Mireia. she´s fifteen and she´s a student.

In these photos we´re celebrating my husband´s anniversary.


  • Speaking: Interaction for Certificación
  • Reading: Certificación
  • Listening: Certificación


  • Homework: Wk.p.33,34,35. exercises on personal and object pronouns and possessive adjectives.
  • Grammar: Exercises on object pronouns.
  • Speaking: St.b.p. 44. Write the names of famour actors, actresses, pop groups, TV progammes. and say sentences.e.g. What do you think of Madomnna. I don´t like her.
  • Reading: St.B.p. 45 .Five classic love stories. Classify the 5 stories into one of these types: first love, teacher and pupil, obsession, rich and poor,sacrifice. We focussed on new expressions such as: to fall in love, to spend one night together,she stays with her husband, they go out together...
  • Writing: St.b.p. 49 Describing a friend. Check spelling, new words and expressions,structure of the composition. A photocopy with some vocabulary to help with the physical description.
  • Homework: finish the second part of the photocopy about personal pronouns, grammar unit 59/60 . I/me , object pronouns and a composition.If you dont have much time at the weekend ,you can give me the composition on Thursday.