Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Cristina Zapico

This is a picture of my graduation in Gijón. These are my parents,but my brother isn´t because he was working that day.

I´m in the middle. My name´s Cristina and I´m twenty-four. I ive in La Felguera with my parents. My father doesn´t work, he worked as a miner but now he´s retired. He has black hair and brown eyes. My mother´s a housewife. She has blonde, curly hair and brown eyes. My brother Nicanor is twenty-nine years old and he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He isn´t married . He´s an engineer and works in Andalucia.

Carmen González

This photo is very old but I don´t have another with my family.It was at the end of the 60s. My parents are in the middle. My father was a pensioneer , he was seventy-four and he died. My mother works at home, she´s a housewife. I am on my father´s knees . My older brother is next to my father, his name´s Manuel and he´s a pensioneer.My other two brothers are self employed. One is on the right of my mother and the other is a baby. Their names are Juan and Valentín.
My mother, my older brother and I live together in a house in Villoria, next to Laviana.

  • Homework: I collected very few compositions (an opinion essay), so please, get them ready for next Monday. Exercises in St.B.p. 67 and wk.p. 44,45,46.
  • Speaking: speaking for certificación. Describe several photos and comment on them.
  • Grammar: present perfect simple and continuous in a handout and grammar, unit 10.
  • Listening: listening for Certificación.
  • Homework: Grammar, unit 10, the composition and a test (unit 4)
  • Some more exercises :present perfect simple and continuous 1 and 2

  • Homework: I collected the compositions "A description of my friend". A set of exercises about pronouns.
  • Grammar: Review of personal, object and possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives.
  • Vocabulary: clothes. New items of clothing, and verbs with clothes .
  • Speaking: describe waht you are wearing /what your classmate is wearing. Dialogue: shopping for clothes. A pair work activity where one is the shop assisstant and the other is the customer.
  • Listening: These are my friends: exercises, audio, answers.
  • Homework: study unit 4 because on Tuesday there is an exam of this unit.
  • Extra activities: crosswords, scrambled letters . Another shopping dialogue.