Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Belén Devesa

My name´s Belén and I´m forty-one years old. I have long fair hair and in the photo I´m wearing black trousers. I´m married but I don´t have any childrren.

My husband has glasses. His name´s José ,he´s thirty-eight and he´s a soldier.

My father José Manuel is next to the woman in red (my mother). He doesn´t work because he´s retired . He´s sixty-five and he has one brother.

My mother, Consuelo, is wearing a red dress. She´s sixty-four and she´s a housewife .

My sister Nuria, in the middle, is thirty-seven. She has long fair hair , she works in a hospital and she has one son.

Behind my sister is my brother-in-law, Pablo. He´s thirty-seven and he´s a computer expert. He´s wearing a blue tie.

On the right of my mother is my nephew Adrián. He´s eighteen aand he´s a law student. He´s very tall.

On the left of the picture is my brother José . He´s forty-four and he´s married but he doesn´t have any children. He´s an electrician.In the photo he´s wearing a grey jacket and blue jeans.

Next to my brother is my sister-in-law Mireya. She´s thirty-three and she´s a computer expert. She has long dark hair and glasses

Ana Pozueco

This is a picture of my family. We´re on the mountains , in Caso.It´s in summer. On the right the young man is my cousin. His name´s eliseo and he´s wearing a blue sweater and blue jeans. He´s married and he has a son. Next to him is my sister Mónica . She´s wearing glasses and she has short fair hair. She´s single and she works in an office. Next to her is is my mother Lidia. She´s a housewife and she cooks very well. Near my mother is my uncle Gaspar and my aunt Pili. They´re married and they have two sons and one grandchild. They´re Eliseo´s parents. Gaspar is Lidia´s brother . He´s an engineer and his wife is a teacher. Next to them is my father Faustino. He´s retired , he has white hair and he likes singing. My uncle Tomás is wearing a blue sweater and a red shirt. He smokes and he´s ill. He has a son and a grandchild. He´s my mother´s brother. Finally, I´m not in the picture because I am taking it.

  • Speaking: Describe a room and spot twelve differences. Pair work activity.
  • Writing: An opinion essay. It´s very important to know the difference between an opinion esay and a for and against essay.
  • Speaking: Animals: St.B.p. 70. What aninals are you afraid of?, what pets do you have?...
  • Vocabulary Bank. St.B.p. 154. Animals, baby animal and different parts of animals. Repeat the words and test your partner.
  • Listening. St.B.p. 71. A true-false exercise about "We worry too much about protecting wild animals and not enough about protecting people".
  • Homework: A composition for 28,March.Monday.Exercises :St.B.p. 67 and wk,p. 44,45,46

  • NB1A/B.
  • Homework: Grammar, unit 59/60 (object pronouns). a handout with object pronouns,
  • Grammar: Possessive pronouns. Explanation on the board making clear the differences with subject ,object pronous and possessive adjectives. a set of exercises on object pronouns. Grammar, unit 61 . we saw the rules and did the exercises
  • Listening and speaking: St.B.p. 48. In a clothes shop. Allie and Mark are in a clothes shop to buy a new shirt. Dialogue: pair work activity. One of you is the shop assistant and the other is the customer.