Monday, October 17, 2011


  • Homework: Sentences with phrasal verbs. "National stereotypes", the exercises about the Reading activity.
  • Speaking: National Stereotypes:your opinion
  • Unit 1B. "The winner takes it all". St.B.p. 8
  • Speaking: music. questions to develop a conversation
  • Listening: St.b.p. 9. Abba. Listen to an interview and write down the questions asked by the interviewer . Listen for more detail. what exactly does the journalist say about?
  • Homework: Exercises about personal pronouns and other exercises about the vern to be in affirmative, negative and interrogative.
  • Speaking: St.B.p. 6. A dialogue in different situations using the verb to be and short answers.
  • Grammar: Verb to be in affirmative, negative , interrogative and short answers.
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 141. Countries and Ireland, Irish.
  • Speaking. St.B.p.7. Where´s it from? It´s Chinese, it´s from China. where are they from? They´re Japanese, they´re from Japan. some pictures to ask questions with these words.
  • Speaking: Pair work activity.To be questions and short answers . e.g. Is Martin Scorsese Italina?. No, he isn´t, he´s ameriacan. where´s he from? He´s from New York.
  • Homework: The other side of the photocopy from the grammar activity. they are dialogues to complete with the verb to be , short answers and contractions.