Wednesday, November 16, 2011



  • Writing: How to write a complaint letter.

  • Homework:Reading, St.b.p.22

  • Vocabulary: I can talk about injuries, I can decribe hospital procedures,Health; illness and disease.

  • Listening: Alternative medicine. St.b.p. 23. Identify the speakers, are they for or against alternative medicine?, give reasons.

  • Homework: Write a letter of complaint following the instructions I gave you in class.To be handed next Wednesday. Do the vocabulary exercises about health and illness ( if not all, at least one page). Speaking: St.B.p. 23 "Private or public medicine?. How to agree nad disagree.

  • Homework: Workbook, section 1C

  • Speaking: Groups of four students ask questions: what´s her name?, how do you spell it?,where´s she from?, how old is she?

  • Unit 1 section 1D. Turn off your mobiles. St.B.p. 10

  • Vocabulary: St.B.p.10. the classroom, common objects. Listen and repeat the words. Vocabulary Bank, St.B.p. 142. Match the words and the pictures. Listen and repeat. Ask questions. what´s this? it´s a dictionary, what are these? they´re stamps. Test your partner.

  • Phonetics: St.b.p. 10. Sounds : horse, bull, up, boy,ear, tourist. Listen and repeat. Listen and circle the word with a different sound.

  • Vocabulary: Classroom language. St.Bp.11. match the phrases and the pictures. Listen and repeat. Listen and tick the phrases you hear. More expressions : What´s _____ in English?, how do you spell it?, where´s the stress?, can you repeat it?

  • Grammar: a/an, plurals. St.B.p.11. Complete with the indefinite article, write the plurals, complete with this,that, these,those. Grammar Bank, St.B.p.122. rules and exercises about plurals.

  • Homework: Workbook, section 1D, the first page of a set of exercises about plurals.