Monday, November 14, 2011



  • Homework: Workbook, sections 1a,1b,1c, Review unit 1 St.B.p19. English Grammar in Use, unit 111.

  • Speaking: Two students described photos and mistakes were corrected.

  • Grammar: Adverbs. St.B.p. 146. some difficult adverbs like late and lately, actually and in fact.

  • Grammar and vocabulary test, unit 1. It was checked and marked in class.

  • Unit 2 . 2A "I told you I was ill!". A joke about hypochondriacs. Vocabulary Bank: St.B.p. 147. Health and medicine. At the doctor´s, symtoms. medical conditions and alternative medicine.

  • Speaking: St.B.p. 20. "Are you a hypochondriac? do the questionnaire and talk to your classmate about it.

  • Homework: Reading. St.B.p. 22, sections a and b and study the vocabulary.

  • Homework: Possessive adjectives from the blog.
  • Vocabulary: The alphabet:l isten and match the sentences.Classify the letter under their correct sound, can you hear the difference between G_J , K_Q. Circle the letter you hear. Listen and number the pictures: CD:DVD;TV. Audio .. Alphabet tree.
  • Grammar: Possessive adjectives. Listen and number the pictures, listen complete the chart with with a possessive and a noun. bag. Audio . Power point
  • Listening: At the hotel. Registration forms with spelling mistakes. Listen and complete the numbers. read the acronyms , listen and repeat. Exercises, script, audio
  • Homework: Workbook, section 1C