Monday, November 21, 2011


  • Homework: Exercises about health and illness
  • Speaking: Two students described photos and their mistakes were checked. In groups of four students the issue of private or public medicine was discussed.
  • Grammar: Conditionals: conditional 0, conditional 1 ,conditional 2 rules and practice.
  • Homework: Workbook, p,14,15, and from a set of conditional exercises. Do conditional 0, contionals 1 and 2 . Answers


  • Homework: Exercises about plurals.
  • Grammar: Plurals , exercises 1 and 2
  • Listening: Video. St.B.p. 12. Vocabulary about drinks. Listen and complete the dialogues.
    Practise the dialogues. Listen and answer the quetions. Social English: who says what?
  • Grammar : simple present tense. Activities taken from New English File Beginner. Audio. Complete the to make interrogatives and negatives.
  • Vocabulary: common verbs
  • Listening : Circle what they say.
  • Speaking: complete the expresions and ask you drink coffee? yes,I do/no, I don´t.
  • Homework: Unit 1, revision. St.B.p.14,15. A big set of exercises about the simple present, do section 3A.