Wednesday, November 09, 2011


  • Speaking: in group A two students made their speeches and mistakes were checked on the board. In group C there was a photo description activity in pairs.
  • Homework: Grammar, units 100, 101 about adverbs. (English Grammar in Use)
  • Grammar: Unit 111, adverbs: still, yet and already. Rules were seen and the exercises were left for homework (answers).
  • Vocabulary: Common expressions, St.B.p.17. Match the responses with the expressions.e.g.I´ve got a new job!. Congratulations!
  • Listening test: Exercises and script and audio
  • Reading test: exercises with answers.
  • Homework: Workbook, sections 1a,1b,1c. Revision unit 1 ,St.B.p. 19 (answers). Grammar, unit 111. Adverbs: supplementaty exercises.
  • Homework: A handout with the verb to be ,personal pronouns, and possessive adjectives.
  • Grammar: Possessive adjectives. A powerpoint and a set of exercises we did little by little with my help.
  • Reading test. We checked it in class.
  • Writing test. Write two paragraphs about Mark and Ann. personal identification.
  • Vocabulary: The alphabet. St.B.p.8. Listen and repeat the alphabet. Complete the missing letters under the same sounds. abbreviations. How do you spell your name?,how do you spell it?
  • Homework: Study the alphabet. Exercises on possessive adjetives from Essential Grammar in use