Monday, November 28, 2011



    . Homework: Exercises on conditionals.

  • Writing : Compositions were collected and general mistaked were checked on the board.

  • Speaking: Two students described their photos and mistakes were checked on thew board.

  • Word building. Abstract nouns.

  • Vocabulary: Unit 1 ,review . Health and medicine.

  • Speaking: St.B.p. 24 .Young for ever ?. Talk about your best/worst age, advantages and disadvantages of your present age.

  • Listening: The changing face of Beauty. Exercises, script, audio. Listen to the lecture and fill in the blanks.

  • Homework: Reading, St.B.p. 25, sections b,c.. GRammar, unit 38,39,40. Abstract nouns.

  • Homework: Simple present photocopy ,sectionc 2B. Write sentences in affirmative, negative and interrogative. Food questionnaire: questions in the simple present tense.
  • Grammar: Simple present third person singular, section 3C "He speaks English at work" . Audio. Listen and mark the correct answer. Listen to the dialogue and underline the interrogative and negative with does /doesn´t. Grammar summary with rules and exercises
  • Phonetics: Pronunciation of the -s. e.g. listens, speaks, watches.
  • Vocabulary: Jobs. e.g. a lawyer ,an electrician. Listen, repeat and underline the stress.
  • Speaking: What do you do?, what does he do?. Ask your partner and practise the jobs.
  • Homework : Photocopy, section 3C "He speaks English at work", workbook, pages 13 and 14, only section c.
  • Grammar: simple present tense. St.B.p. 124 and 125. Rules and exercises.