Thursday, February 09, 2012



  • Homework: Modal verbs. This really was tough.

  • Speaking: Two students made descriptions of photos and their mistakes were corrected.

  • Grammar: As the previous exercises were very very difficult I gave you another set of exercises chosen from an easier grammar to do at the weekend. Modal verbs . Answers

  • Reading: Certificacion with answers.

  • Listening: A video about healthy life. questions to write full answers, true-false statements and fill in the gaps statements. A very complete activity.

  • Homework: Do the exercises on modal verbs. Check the answers and next Monday ask anything you don´t understant.

As far as group C is concerned, they went to Aidan McNamara´s talk about "British sense of humour". Their homework is the same though.


  • Reading test.

  • Listening test.

  • Grammar and vocabulary test.

  • Homework: the time and adjectives.
    Watch this amazing video. You´ll realise how careful and how much we all have to love nature.
    Both the photo and video are from a good friend of mine called Juan Emilio Herrero, a very experienced diver who has dived the seven seas.